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Make Learning a Top Priority

In the Knowledge Economy everyone is expected to upgrade their workplace skills quickly and  in real-time. Our Coaching, Mentoring and Learning Journeys facilitate the effective absorption of agile learning methodologies, by providing short and measurable interactions to deepen the knowledge base quickly. 

Go Peak International provides up-to-date coaching &  mentoring methodologies by credentialed entrepreneurs, who understand the learning requirements of Fast Growing SMME's in a time of major disruption.  

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Our Services
  • Customised Keynotes on Inspiration, Leadership, Strategy & Culture.
    45 min
  • Drive Daily Performance. The easy way!
  • This booking entitles you to 1 complimentary 25min coaching session.
    20 min
  • Power Hour Online Coaching with one of our Industry Experts.
    1 hr
    2,500 South African rand
  • We want to understand your needs more. Let's explore and work towards ...
    45 min
  • Does your team need to learn fast? We deliver bespoke Video Titles.
    15 min
  • Use the analogy of climbing Everest to bring your Strategy to Life!
    3 hr 30 min
  • Patterns of Leading & Patterns of Following
    8 hr
  • If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.
  • New Venture Creation 4.0
    Starting R6000p/p/m
  • Benefit from experienced industry experts with power-filled sessions.
    45 min
    Price Varies
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