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AI and the Super-Worker

Artificial Intelligence in the Workspace

Artificial Intelligence (AI), is a revolutionary technology that promises to shift the way the workplace operates. For one, AI can cut overhead costs, enhance productivity in workplaces and help encourage innovation. But, what about staffing? Well, artificial intelligence can drive vetting of candidates more, track and strengthen employees’ skills and generally steer how workers are hired and managed for years to come.

Technology and business experts agree that AI will impact companies’ ability to build and maintain their workforce, and this begins now. Recruiting and retaining is one of the main functions of AI as a tool – it will say to top-tier candidates that your company is modern and focused on innovation.

Investing in cutting-edge technology like artificial intelligence is one way to drive this motivation.

Artificial Technology as A Workforce Assistant

Over the years, AI has improved and become more sophisticated, yet, there are many more companies that speculate how it will change the workplace. The biggest question being whether there’ll be more robots start replacing people at work? Or will we start seeing a new bond between people and technology? Will smart machines start performing mundane tasks while people focus on more creative work?

The consensus among many experts and tech futurists is that will be seeing more of the latter and the emergence of symbiotic computing. Sure, there will be a disruption that AI causes, yet, people will settle into building relationships with AI tech – we’ll start using AI for augment thinking as AI starts learning from us.

Human-AI Partnership In The Future Workplace

Improving Hiring Processes

About 4% of companies globally are seeing the impact of using advanced AI in staff and talent management and this number is expected to increase to 30% over the coming two to three years.

When we take into account the potential towards improving hiring processes, time-consuming activity for HR managers, and candidates too, AI’s growth projections are no surprise. What makes this technology in hiring processes, is that CV reviews and candidate evaluation process less a burden through identifying qualified candidates through using machine-learning techniques beyond keyword matching.

This also means that managers will be able to allow vital “human” activities of recruitment like assessing organisational culture fit to humans.

Artificial intelligence will also help in developing and retaining employees through AI-powered adaptive learning programs that alter training courses to best fit different learning styles. This way companies will enjoy well-trained individuals.

We must look at AI in the workplace as a helper, an assistant we need to drive better workforces. At Go Peak International we’re always looking at innovative ways of encouraging businesses and individuals to work smarter and not harder. Take some time and exploreore our website for more information about what we do and how we can help you!

Written By : Lubabalo Paballo Siyabulela Morupisi

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