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Can #ai be an effective coach?

In a recent Forbes article, entrepreneurs weighed in on the merits and demerits of using artificial intelligence for coaching.

How Coaching has evolved


We're all familiar with the sports coach, who develops and inspires individual athletes and teams to play at the height of their potential. Legendary coaches, like former Manchester United Coach, Sir Alex Furgeson, Patrick Moratoglou, who coached Serena Williams to dominate women's tennis for over a decade and so many others have proven the merits of effective coaching. There is no doubt that - with the right combination between coach and talented player - phenomenal breakthroughs can be achieved.


In fact, in his groundbreaking work The Inner Game®, Tim Gallwey formulated coaching methodologies for athletes, which ended up migrating into the world of work. In his InnerGame® methodology, Gallwey emphasises the principle of removing noise [interference] from the athletes' mind, so that they can essentially only focus on the most 'interesting' part of their delivery. By following interest, the athlete moves away from the pressure of "I Have To" to the free-flow of "I Choose To". It wasn't long before people in industry recognised the power of this approach in their daily business tasks.


Fast-forward to coaching in the 21st Century and you have a plethora of choices. Due to the shrinking of traditional training workshop to mere hours and short bursts of e-learning, Coaching has emerged as an effective additive in learning and development. As such even coaching has transformed. It has moved from in-person/one-on-one sessions, to virtual or telephonic and group coaching.

A natural next development is Bot-Coaching or #ai Coaching, right?

Well, it seems like there is no settled consensus on this yet. Some entrepreneurs are excited about the prospects, while others are approaching with caution.

At GoPeak International, we still believe int he power of human intuition and relationship. It may take a while for technology to advance to this level of connection.

We are keen to find out how you feel about the emergence of AI in the coaching world.

Take our poll here:

Would you sign up to be coached by #ai?

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Read or Listen to the Forbes article here.

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