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Updated: May 27, 2022

Congratulations on starting a new year!

If you are reading this, you've likely come through a period of rest and replenishment - what we at Go Peak International like to call, a "Base Camp Moment".

I have been noticing that - despite the period of rest - some may feel a sense of trepidation. This is not surprising, given that we are still in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, two years on. The good news is, all indications are starting to show a downward trajectory of infections, illness and hospitalisation in South Africa. Some countries in the world are re-thinking the way they do pandemic response - towards a more "let's live with it and get on with our lives" approach.

Starting a new year is a lot like being at the bottom of a mountain.

1. You know that you've got some climbing to do.

2. The route is set (days, weeks, months, etc.)

3. You may have some strategies and plans on how to approach it for maximum chances of success.

4. There is a lot you don't know about what's ahead, but you'll muster the courage to face it anyway.

Start with hope

It is my humble opinion that starting with a positive end in mind is the best way to approach uncertainty. Imagine standing at the bottom of a big mountain and worrying that everything will go wrong! No one would ever climb any mountains! The characteristic that sets mountaineers apart from those who say they will never do it, is the hope that all will go well and that you may succeed. When we set ourselves New Year's Resolutions, that is precisely what we're doing - living in the hope that we can succeed and live better lives.

New Year's Resolutions can work

Alternatively put : Can New Year's Resolutions Work?

A new year's resolution is simply a goal. How you approach the goal is what makes the difference between success and failure.

Have you ever declared a "new you" at the beginning of the year, only to find it dissipate within the first two months of the new year? You may already be losing steam right now. The reason that resolutions often don't work is a key difference between a one-time declaration and a plan. A one-time deflation is a bit like hearing a new person's name for the first time and promising yourself to remember it, until you meet that person again - followed by: "I'm so sorry, but I forgot your name..."

Planning for a new objective requires that one creates a significance for achieving the goal, a "why" if you will. It also requires that we measure our progress as we set about the process of achieving the goal. If you really want to amp up the performance of your objectives, you would sign up for a coaching plan, to keep you accountable to someone else and hitting those targets.


There is great value in setting SMART goals:

Specific - The more generic a goal is, the less likely we are to follow through with it. I want to lose some weight is not as effective as I want to lose 5 kg.

Measurable - Keeping track with a goal is vital to keeping one motivated and offers opportunity for correction. Tools like the PPT® Diagnostic have proven to be valuable in helping users keep track of both short, medium and long term goals. Get your 50% kick-start voucher here. We recommend that you do a self-check-in at least once per month in order to remain consistent.

Achievable - In my opinion, if you can see yourself doing it, then it's achievable. A great way to ensure that you achieve your goals to sign up for coaching. Being accountable to a coach increases your chances of hitting targets and succeeding in your goals.

Realistic - This can be tricky. Sometimes being realistic can reduce our goals back to our comfort zone. as much as one must take your current resources, skills, networks, etc. in mind, stretching the scope of your objectives can bring that breakthrough you've been hoping for.

Time Based - Setting a timeframe within which to achieve something, creates the vital 'urgency' needed to get things done. This is not to say that every goal must be urgent, but you can certainly create a sense of urgency depending on the significance of the objective or activity. The diagram below helps put 'urgency' into context.

As we navigate our way towards and up #Summit2022, let's remember to be kind to ourselves during these VUCA times.

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