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💪🏽 Finishing 2021 Strong

Updated: May 27, 2022

With all that's happened in the last 2 years, who would've thought we'd still be here - STANDING! Some are RUNNING!.... Good for you 🏆.

👣 One More Step

In my previous blog I asked which superpower is going to help you finish 2021 strong. As a mountaineer, one big lesson that I have learnt is that: in spite of how tough things get and I just feel like giving up, I can try just one more step. As the saying goes: "When the going gets tough, the tough keeps going". That's the crossroad I found myself at just over a month ago. I have been pushing hard in spite of economic downturn. I was pushing my team hard as well. We were going at quite a pace, so I expected great results.

Well, the results I expected didn't materialise!... Not one! As you can imagine, this caused a lot of stress and anxiety and thoughts like: "Why don't you just give up?" and "What is the point to all of this?" And also: "How will we make it to the end of this year when I, the leader, feel like this?

🌟 Find the Sparkle

When one is sitting in a wilderness of despair, it can seem fruitless to try and remind oneself of previous wins. Strangely enough, our brain does not recognise time, so whatever mental images we create is considered as now by the brain. This is a trick I've learnt to use under such circumstances. As a matter of fact, all I needed to do was reflect on great things that happened earlier in the year. I also found specific things to be grateful for. Simple things like: belonging to a loving and happy family, meals when I want them and a hot bath. As a believer, I found sermons and scriptures to give me much needed inspiration as well.

Now, I can't say for sure if it was because of the above, but within a week of being in this wilderness, I found myself the proud winner of a school raffle! A pamper package with loads of fantastic goodies and a super-indulgent spa voucher! What a turnaround! This was enough to bring the sparkle back - and boy it did just that!

Once again, enquiries are pouring in, we cannot keep up with all the book orders! Strategy Sessions and proposals for Coaching and Culture work in 2022.

Our cup is literally running over! We aim to #finish2021strong!

🙌🏾 Use Support Networks

A post like this is not complete without acknowledging a number of super-humans who's strength I could rely on. I called on some amazing friends and followed my own advice.

Soon after, I found myself on a flight to Cape Town to having a celebratory lunch on a wine farm, with amazing women who are changing the world! I received prayer from others and experienced an incredible outpouring of love and support from clients, suppliers and my incredible team at Go Peak International. so when the going got tough, the tough called on a well-cultivated network.

Some amazing work started to pour in and I could't be more thrilled at this incredible turn of events. Completing a PPT®Diagnostic a month ago made me choose mostly Completely Dissatisfied boxes. As things stand now, my PPT®Report shows high levels of satisfaction.

🏆 Aiming to win


With such a positive streak emerging from the ashes, It would be super to put a cherry on top of this year with a BEST NEW BUSINESS win!

Go Peak International was nominated by a happy customer and we have made it through to the final round! We would love you to-the-moon-and-back if you would take 60sec to cast a vote for BEST NEW BUSINESS 🌱.

Now to push for a strong finish. Being in the finals is a great honour in itself, to make us feel like we're finishing strong. The support from everyone that we know has been been phenomenal. If you have not done so already, can we ask that you add your voice to the campaign by voting for Go Peak International and being part of our #finishstrong push for 2021. We are already so grateful for votes received, but as they say: 'the more, the merrier'.

I'd love to hear how you aim to #finish2021strong.

The Go Peak Team will reach out soon to capture responses.

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