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Start Up or Close Down?

The past three years have truly disrupted our ideas about business sustainability. We are simultaneously confronted with the prospect of new AI innovation, market crashes, climate change chaos and the geopolitics that currently plague the world. Just like the question: when is a good time to have a baby, when is a good time to start a business cannot be easily answered. However, it can easily be argued that there is never as good a time as right now!

Starting a new business is a daunting prospect. Even seasoned entrepreneurs will tell you that a new business might as well be a new baby. It requires constant attention, any small thing can cause it to fall or fail. Without love and a passion to see it grow, you might be tempted to give up completely! That's just you looking after it by yourself, during the early stages. Once you throw in external influences, unforeseen circumstances and the laws and regulations required to keep it strong and healthy, you're in for a bumpy and unpredictable ride.

If there is so much stacked agains the prospect of success; what then, is the lure to start a new business at all?

There's a Chinese maxim which can be translated into the following idea:

great threat can bring great opportunity.